What is Yomu?

Yomu (読む) means "to read" in Japanese. Instead of mindless scolling of social feed full of clickbaits, Yomu makes your online reading and media consumption a journey to new learnings and insights.

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Collect from Anywhere

From the browser, from Twitter, by email, and from RSS. No more inbox clutters from Newsletters, and no more anxiety of scrolling social feeds. Everything in one place waiting to be discovered at your own pace.

Organize Automagically

No more fiddling with labels, tags, topics. Categorizing articles into any set of interests and topics you have is automatic, powered by zero-shot machine learning (aka "AI") - it is the leaset it can do for humanity.

Built for Intentional Readers

Yomu offers a set of features to help you read more easily (e.g. text-to-speech), organize your highlights and notes, and provides plenty of stats and analytics so you can pat yourself in the back, or discover new insights of your reading habits.

Built for Networked Thought

Search will no longer suck. In addition, your articles, quotes, highlights and notes are turned into a network of connected thoughts that you can reflect upon to generate new ideas - that is what reading is all about.

Exchange Great Reads with Friends

Share aricles or get recommended reads from friends and other readers you trust. The network feature is not something Yomu will focus on at the beginning, but in the future, Yomu could also be the place where you discover your next great read.

No Ads, Forever

We set out to create a meaningfully better experience for reading and thinking. That is the value we want to provide. Ads is incompatible with our mission.